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Ben in the Top Celeb Working Dads by Working Mothers Magazine

Working Mothers Magazine has included Ben among their top 25 Celeb Working Dads. 

25 Top Celeb Working Dads of 2014   Working Mother

Jun 10, 2014

2 Comments on “Ben in the Top Celeb Working Dads by Working Mothers Magazine

  1. Francoise Remory

    He deserves to be in the top of this list as he often cares his lovely kids. Jen and Ben are both great parents who seem to want to show them an image of real life and not the easy one of Hollywood stars’s children (though they are).

    1. Francoise Remory

      He’s right to fight with Jen to protect the children from paparazzi… it’s too scary for the kids to be under spotlights and it’s not their place to be on magazines covers even they have celebs parents. All the children must be respected and not affraid, they are not marketable!

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