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Ben and Jen visit Big Daddy’s

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Jennifer and Ben visited Big Daddy’s Antiques in Los Angeles last Friday October 03, 2014.

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Oct 10, 2014

Ben and Jen at The Farmers Market

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Ben and Jen pick up some fresh vegetables at the farmers market Sunday October 05, 2014.

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Oct 10, 2014

Ben and Jen do lunch at the Tavern

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Ben and Jen enjoyed a meal at the Tavern in Brentwood.

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Oct 10, 2014

Ben Affleck could play a killer in ‘The Accountant’

Ben Affleck may have found his next big screen role.  Sources tell Variety that the “Gone Girl” and “Batman v Superman” actor is in negotiations to star in action thriller “The Accountant” for Warner Bros.

Gavin O’Connor (“Warrior”) is said to be WB’s top choice to direct the film, although no offer has been made.  Based on an original script by Bill Dubuque, “The Accountant” centers on a mild-mannered accountant who moonlights as a lethal assassin.

The project had been in development limbo for years, most recently at Sony, with Will Smith once attached to the project, but was eventually put into turnaround after the studio could not assemble the right package. WB originally had rights to “The Accountant” with Mel Gibson attached to direct. Insiders tell Variety Affleck recently caught wind of the project and thought it would be a nice change of pace before directing “Live By Night,” which will not begin filming until July.

Mark Williams and Lynette Howell are producing the film. Drew Crevello and Jon Gonda will oversee for Warner Bros.  The role gives the multi-hyphenate another gritty role to sink his teeth into following his rave reviews in David Fincher’s “Gone Girl,” which opens Friday.

Affleck will head back to Detroit to resume filming “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” once he finishes campaigning for “Gone Girl.”

He is repped by WME.

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Oct 10, 2014

Jennifer Garner on Ben Affleck’s “Gone Girl” nude scene


“Gone Girl” is now a box office hit, and Jennifer Garner knows it’s not just the film’s whodunit mystery that has people buying tickets.

Appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Garner spoke about her husband’s full frontal nude scene in the big-screen version of Gillian Flynn’s novel.

When DeGeneres noted Affleck’s manhood might have contributed to the film opening at No. 1 over the weekend, Garner replied, “I think you’re probably on to something.”

“What I have to say is, ‘You’re welcome,'” she joked. “I just try to consider myself a charitable person and I wanted to give back. You give me so much, I wanted to give something back to all of you.”

According to Garner, she and her husband didn’t talk about the full-frontal scene beforehand. “It wasn’t a discussion. It was like ‘Hey, you know, at work today Fincher talked me into coming out of the shower,'” she said, doing an impression of Affleck. “And I was like, ‘Oh, cool, well, I hope he had on a wide lens.'”

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Oct 10, 2014

Emily Ratajkowski on Kissing Ben Affleck: ‘It Was Surreal’

If you’re like a lot of Americans, you saw Gone Girl this past weekend. While Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike are the film’s headliners, Emily Ratajkowski, 23, made a big impression in her big screen debut.

Ratajkowski, who plays Affleck’s mistress Andie in the crime thriller, described what it was like to kiss the leading man when she stopped by the Today show on Monday.  For her, the experience was a tad weird, due to the fact that she grew up watching him in films (hopefully not Gigli).

“The whole experience was a little surreal,” she shared. “I have to be honest. Obviously, Ben Affleck is one of those — you know his face. I grew up with his face. Not sure if he would love that.”

Even seeing the 42-year-old Affleck at the audition was a bit of a shock. “I went into an audition and there’s this really tall, handsome guy,” she told Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. “And I’m like, ‘Oh my God. That’s Ben Affleck.'” Incidentally, it was Affleck who suggested Ratajkowski for the role.

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Oct 10, 2014

Neon Reel: Gone Girl Review

David Fincher seems to do pretty well when it comes to adaptations. With a history of critically and commercially successful book adaptations it was no surprise when the word spread that he was leading the front with the new Gillian Flynn novel in his back pocket. Gone Girl was a bestseller everywhere and was bound for a film adaptation to come to the door, and when Fincher is the one that comes knocking you’re sure on to a winner. Those high hopes have been met by the masses and I’m not one to argue. In fact i’m waving the flag for Gone Girl to be one of the best this year.

Without giving much away (and believe me that’s hard) Gone Girl follows Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) who awakes on his anniversary to the realisation that his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) is nowhere to be seen. After discovering the circumstances for her disappearance are anything from ordinary, the neighbourhood, and later country, band together to find out what happened to ‘Amazing Amy’. Despite the town’s worry, Nick’s behaviour seems very calm and unusual for the situation. With revelations a plenty, the question’s come bounding led by the big one, did Nick murder his wife?

First off I have to give a pat on the back to Affleck, who despite all of my criticisms on his acting credential has fought through the fire and come out with a stellar performance that I didn’t know je was capable of. With a figure that shows he was well on his way to his Batman physique, he has an imposing persona that works well alongside his intimidating character. Despite such however, he’s second to Rosamund Pike, a name I had almost forgot about before Gone Girl. From the very first shot she holds the camera with a fierce stare that shows her strength of character. As the film unravels with twist after twist her character gets deeper in layers that covers the needy and sociopathic. A performance I never expected.

Despite some understandable plaudits to Fincher for his ability to create mood that gives the film an unnerving tone, the majority of the plaudits are understandably in the story, who Flynn herself adapted for the screenplay. She kept the majority of the plot arcs the same, giving Fincher the right tools to keep the fans happy. It meant the successes of the narrative, from the Blue Velvet-esque suburbia to the ‘sympathy for the devil’ feel for the antagonists were all still out in full force. The book was adapted for the big screen with no meat cut or added.

A true 21st century thriller, Gone Girl has likely paved the way for many more gritty middle class mysteries that are sure to rear in the wake of its success. With only Boyhood edging it for me so far this year, Fincher’s classic still stands as a purely enjoyable film that, for its extensive run time, deserves every bit of praise it has and will receive.

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Oct 8, 2014

Facebook Fans ask the Questions and Ben Gives the Answers

Ben sat down at the Facebook Headquarters in New York to answer a few facebook questions from the fans. Here’s a transcript of the questions asked and the answers.

Josh Mahalic How is moving around in the bat suit? Is it as constricting as the older suits have been?
Ben Affleck Well, I don’t know how the others have been. Anytime you have a costume that is restricting, the challenge is that it’s got to look good but not look restricting.

Jennifer Lynn Verzuh What, if anything, did you like about your character Nick?
Ben Affleck I liked about my character Nick. I didn’t judge my character I went into to it finding access points. He is designed as an everyman. He tries to be a good person, sometimes he succeeds, sometimes he fails, and sometimes people think he murders his wife.

Rachel Cisneros-Moyer Is it really you answering??
Ben Affleck Yes, it is really me answering. Why? Does it sound much more intelligent?

Aimee Louise Sison Hey Ben, what’s a bigger challenge – making sure a film lives up to a best-selling book like #GoneGirl or making sure a film lives up to the greatest comic book franchise ever?
Ben Affleck Probably the comic book franchise, if only because Batman has been around since the 1930s and a fixed part of American culture. But, anytime you build a character when the audience has a firm belief on how it should be like 50 Shades or Star Wars. It can be an asset and a challenge.
Ben Affleck Anyone who did it would face that challenge. The truth is it all melts away once people see the movie…

Tyler Perry Hi Ben. Me again. Count the Jolly Ranchers in your pocket.#GoneGirl
Ben Affleck None because I’m trying to focus. What Tyler is referring to is that I have a very bad addiction to these candies. One day I was chewing on set and Tyler saw me pull a tooth out with that addiction to these candies. Tyler is going to have to pick between these two personalities between the darling character actor and the mogul he is. He sure is great in this movie.

Maria Sonia Ali What’s playing on your ipod right now?
Ben Affleck My ipod is not playing right now; I am talking to the good people of Facebook.

Ambika Makin I am super excited about Gone Girl, but, because you’re such a big Red Sox fan, I have to know…what did you think about the Red Sox farewell gesture to Jeter?
Ben Affleck I thought it was classy. I have a huge amount of respect for Jeter. Any sports fan does. It reflected well on Boston as a city with knowledgeable and respectful sports fans. I’m looking for a similar reception for Ortiz at Yankee stadium when he retires.

Bobby Kennedy Baron Hey Ben. Did you hear any of Trent Reznor’s work scoring the film coinciding with your filming and did it influence your portrayal of Nick Dunne in any way?
Ben Affleck No, I wish. Trent’s score of Social Network is magnificent. On this movie? They’re doing stuff never been done before. It’s like checkers or chess. Really unusual and people are responding because it’s so good.

Leslie Reyes What’s your favorite Disney character??
Ben Affleck My kids would say Elsa. Olaf is a big favorite. Cinderella has been a hit. These are my kids favorites. I guess I like Up. The Disney live action group is doing a great job movies. They have put something exciting together: Marvel, Lucas, Dreamworks. Bitty boopity boo was a common phrase a few years ago until we ran into Elsa. Let it go!

Ron Blackwell How many takes did you do for the “killer smile” scene
Ben Affleck Every one of these scenes was a lot of takes. The most we did was 60. Towards the end David and I were very much in sync and it would take 7 or 8 takes. We had gotten into the grove. There is a scene walking along the beach with me and my mother-in-law. Everything was supposed to be in concert. We shot it 45 times one day, 36 the next. There were some of those. This was a good lesson in learning to not shoot that many takes or people will ask.

Krystan Adcock Was it hard playing such an unlikable character?
You are the only reason I am seeing Gone Girl
Ben Affleck It’s funny that women ask me what it is like to play such a jerk and men don’t ask me that. That is one of the best parts of this movie. You will see that this movie will divide people by gender in many instances because it is about relationships, and people lying about relationships, we do not like to think that is us. What is interesting, and what this movie shows, is that showing people our best side gets to be too much work and we get to have people to see who someone really is and the mask comes off. And what then?

Jennifer Manis As a director yourself, what was the most valuable thing you learned from Fincher that you will take into your next film as a director?
Ben Affleck I learned how to make a knock of Fincher movie

Kate Law Ben, your work has truly inspired me.
Do you and Nick Dunne share any personality traits?
Ben Affleck Not really. Except that we step on a handle of a rake and hit ourselves in the face sometimes. But we usually edit it out of movies and Facebook. What I like about this character, we see him warts and all.

Courtney O’Hara Fincher has been called David ‘Forty Takes’ Fincher. Is that fairly accurate? If so, how many gummy bears were sacrificed? #GoneGirl
Ben Affleck Those gummy bears were visual effects, not real thank goodness. David likes to do a lot of takes. I like to take a lot of takes. Question to me is always, “why shoot so little?” when you’re there to get it right

Alex Fairfax Hey Ben, I helped out on Project Greenlight this year (voting).#GoneGirl looks great from every part of filmmaking. Writing, editing, acting. What attracted you most about this role?
Ben Affleck David Fincher was the main attraction. As an actor I decided I wanted to work with directors I really really really believe in. I got to play a character who was not a normal or boring man and was flawed. I got to try and hold the audience’s attention while they asked these questions and hold their attention was really appealing.

Blake Cole Were there any real life criminal cases that you drew from for inspiration with this role? And on a separate note, I think you’re a much better singer than Jimmy Fallon.
Ben Affleck Thank you very much. I agree. I just don’t sound good on TV.
Ben Affleck The closest is the Scott Peterson story. There as a shift in how he was viewed. The grieving husband…to a potential suspect. It definitely is similar to the Tragedy Vampires. I’m guilty of watching that coverage myself. The movie satires how we as a culture get obsessed with these crimes.

Nicole Poulson For those of us that haven’t read the book – do you recommend reading before seeing the movie
Ben Affleck I don’t like to read it before seeing the movie because I find myself subconsciously checking it…when we all know the job of the filmmaker is to make us think this is real. That being said, people who have read it will find it exciting brought to life.

Karina Buu Hello, Ben!
Could you characterise the film “Gone Girl” in three words?
Ben Affleck Love and death.

Gillian Flynn The stories of your vicious on-set feud with The Cat Who Plays Nick’s Cat are legendary–does that sort of interpersonal conflict help or hinder your work as an artist?
Ben Affleck Well, the feud I had with this cat was the best kind…which is to say getting into a fight with an immobile enemy. You never knew where this enemy was because you could pick it up and move it anywhere…I was assured it was indeed a living cat

Maryann Kramer How did you like filiming Missouri?
Ben Affleck Like it a lot. It was at a time when the Cardinals were headed toward the post season, so baseball fever as alive. The people were polite, friendly, accommodating. We got all the help in the world.

Tyler Perry Hi Ben. On set you impressed me with your knowledge of R&B. Complete the lyric: “Every little step I take….” #GoneGirl
Ben Affleck Every little move I make??

Higor Casagrande Do you read the book to work in this movie?
Ben Affleck Yes, I read the book before David asked me to be in the movie. The first thing I thought was that this would IMPOSSIBLE to make into a movie.

Lauren Nicole Schott How was the movie shot? Chronologically by the book mostly, or did you film a lot of the diary entries first or last?
Ben Affleck Out of sequence but without giving away anything…Rosamund had to gain and lose weight throughout for the role

James Hunter Hi Ben, as an emerging filmmaker, I’m curious to know what you learnt from working with David Fincher?
Ben Affleck David is extremely proficient at every aspect of film making process, so it would be very hard to list everything…overall I would say he has a meticulousness and determination I’ve learned from.

Oct 8, 2014

In the Green Room of The Tonight Show


Ben reposted (twitter) this great shot of him waiting in the green room of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  It was taken by Shawn Sachs (Instagram)


Oct 8, 2014

Franck Ragaine Interviews Ben Affleck

Ben sits down with Franck Ragaine for Times Square Chronicles to discuss his new movie Gone Girl, Batman, Robin Williams and The Clooney Wedding.

Thanks to Simon for the heads up on the interview

Oct 8, 2014
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